Material Cost on BOMs in Quote

Hi guys!

We just started noticing that when we do a BOM on a quote, the material cost is not showing up. That was concerning, but not a deal breaker until we realized that when we added procurement and did the markup, the material cost was not being added into that calculation. We trust that the Markup is including material cost, labor cost, tooling cost, etc and the margin or markup from the procurement cost…but it isn’t. Please let me know if you have seen this or if there is a new config setting or something that I am not aware of.



This is actually a known issue that was escalated today. I will add this case showing that it is affecting multiple customers. I will get back to you ASAP once this issue has been resolved.


Cetec ERP Support

Thank you!

we are having the same issue. All quotes dont calculate correctly. We cant send any quotes Please fix asap.