Missing Data

Hi–New version of Cetec was pushed to our locally hosted system. There are tons of data missing (attached documents) as well as transactions that no longer work–I get a 400 error when i try to close an RMA, for instance.

This worked fine yesterday. new version of Cetec pushed 10-27-2020 and now things are broke.


Thanks for sending this in - we are coordinating with Engineering to see what we can chase on your system. Are there any specific documents we should check that might help nail this down, or a specific RMA action that we could chase?

Cetec ERP

Part RAW10014 no longer has attachments (nor do other parts) and RMA40 cannot be closed or updated.

Thanks a ton for those examples - both of those cases should be working now!
Please take a look when you have a chance.

Cetec ERP

thank you. we spot checked and things seem to be right now. if we find any other missing data or strange behaviours, we will advise.