Missing info on Details/Serials page of an invoiced sales order

I have a closed order (/order/AE1265.1/view) that i can’t seem to explain. We invoiced this on 6/18 and the packing slip and invoice shows that we “picked” serialized items for this sale-from-stock order. When we look at the “Details/Serials” page, the serial #'s don’t exist now (/invoice/1246/part_details). Most of our completed invoices look like this: (/invoice/1483/part_details), where the Top Level Serial show up. What happened to this invoice? Did we not pick the parts correctly? If that is the case, then how come the Packing Slip and Invoice shows the serial numbers correctly? Is this something we can fix (after the fact)?

If you check out the PDF Invoice, you’ll see the Serial #'s listed…


But if you check out the Invoice parts detail, these serialized units, which were once picked, don’t show up.



This is an odd one! It looks like the inventory was relieved, but there are no serial records associated with that outgoing inventory. The Order pick record does show the pick as having occurred however. Our bet is that something occurred with the inventory pieces post pick. Is it possible that the piece records were changed/edited/removed after the pick?

There wouldn’t be any reason to change/edit/remove after shipping and invoicing…

is there any way to see activity on this invoice that would document this change?
Is there anyway to “re-populate” the data back to its original state (as defined on packing slip / invoice)

There isn’t a way to repopulate that data unfortunately. And it looks like this was invoiced back in April, so we don’t have much in the way of logs on User Activity that might be relevant. This is an odd one (frankly, I’ve never seen anything like this, so I was quite quite curious about the Activity log). If anyone at your company has any memory of the situation, it would be interesting to hear if there were any unusual details they can recall.

Cetec ERP

No one here can think of anything odd about that specific order. I think i’ll need to audit all our orders to see if there any other anomalies like this. If so, we would definitely have a problem with product traceability…