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I was working on completing CAR form #70 Production - Quality (cetecerp.com), which appears to be associated with NCR #89, but when I click the link for the NCR form to review it, there is no NCR #89. So I went to the NCR screen and searched for all NCRs entered from 04/2022-03/2023 filtered to show all whether they were open or closed and I don’t see #89 Production - Quality (cetecerp.com). I also now realize that there is no NCR #88 in the list either. Can you please advise why this might be the case?

Hi Jordan,

First thank you for sending the links, that helps so much!

Second I ran usage logs and it appears that NCR was deleted on 3/15/22 and 88 was deleted 3/27/22

Unlike some other things in our system, if you delete a NCR it is just gone, not deactivated. Please let me know if you need any more assistance on this. Thanks!

Are you able to provide me with the title of those NCRs (88 and 89) at least? I am surprised that it shows a 2022 date for being deleted when NCR 89 was linked to a CAR that was initiated in March 23.

Is there a way to “de-link” or unlink NCR 89 from CAR 70?


Engineering is going in to see what they can do, if they can ‘un-delete’ it they will, as long as you are ok with that. If not then they will try to ‘de-link’ it, I will let you know what they are able to do and if they can get the title of it.


Also Jordan, I put that date wrong, they were both deleted in 2023.

Thank you. If they can undelete it, that will be very helpful, or at the very least if they could provide the title of it/description of what was there.


So we can’t get the title or ‘un-delete’ these, but engineering is ‘de-linking’ it from that CAR.

Is NCR 88 linked to any CAR? Or just NCR 89 is the one that is linked?

I did not see it linked but feel free to message back if you find it somewhere and I can have engineering remove it.


Cetec ERP Support

In the future do you think it might be possible to “un-delete” these NCRs? I think they may have been deleted on accident.

I will put the request in to engineering as a future feature development.


Cetec ERP Support

Thank you! Can you please also have engineering looking into NCR #77? It looks like we have a part that was tagged with NCR #77 but when I go into the system I don’t see it.

Can you please send me the link to where you see that part linked to the NCR?


I apologize I should have been more specific- we have a physical part that was tagged with a red tag that noted NCR #77, but when I went to look up NCR #77 in our system and it was not there.


So we can’t get any data on that one, our usage logs only go back 3 months so if it was deleted before then, we can’t see any information on it.


Cetec ERP Support

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