"MN" now appearing in PO and SO numbers

Our PO numbers used to just be something like “2124.1” and “2367.1”. Now they have MN added to the beginning, like “MN2292.1” Do you know what caused this change?


The MN prefix before the number will be the alpha code for warehouse location (LNAME in data maintenance table under Admin module). This code is displayed for example on the Sales Order column, but not the Order column or PDF. Can you confirm where you are seeing this that you would expect not to and the issue it is presenting?

Thank you,
Cetec ERP

CETEC added the MN prefix on ALL orders entered from 1/26 – 2/21. It appears that this was a one-time “glitch” that only affected orders entered in this timeframe and has not been replicated outside of this period. The issue it poses for us is that we use this PO# structure: 2318.1, 2319.1, 2322.1, etc. So to have it unexpectedly switch to MN2318.1 causes confusion on our end and our vendors.

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