Modification made to previous fiscal year voucher

A voucher from the 2020 fiscal/calendar year was deleted in our system and is now impacting our balance sheet. Please advise as how to remedy this situation, preferably without re-opening the closed fiscal year and re-entering voucher. Additionally, I would recommend further securities around modifications of accounting items outside of the fiscal year.

Hi Stephanie!

Could you let us know which voucher ID it is? We want to do some preliminary research before we advise.

Thank you!
The Cetec Team

Unfortunately, I am not able to find that information on Cetec since the voucher is deleted. However, luckily, I have this information in our personal records:

Date: 2020/10/09
Entry No.: 6754
Name: Voucher 1188 For Vendor Minnesota Health Solutions, PO , Invoice 2437
Entry Date: 2020/11/06
Object Type: Voucher
Notes: R&D Services - Project NEO (CTIP Grant)
Dr. Acct Name: Vendor Payable
Dr. Acct No.: 20005100
Dr. Acct Amount: $15000.00
Cr. Acct Name: Accounts Payable
Cr. Acct No.: 20000020
Cr. Acct Amount: ($15000.00)

Are there any further details I can provide you at this time for a prompt resolution?