Modification made to previous fiscal year voucher

A voucher from the 2020 fiscal/calendar year was deleted in our system and is now impacting our balance sheet. Please advise as how to remedy this situation, preferably without re-opening the closed fiscal year and re-entering voucher. Additionally, I would recommend further securities around modifications of accounting items outside of the fiscal year.

Hi Stephanie!

Could you let us know which voucher ID it is? We want to do some preliminary research before we advise.

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The Cetec Team

Unfortunately, I am not able to find that information on Cetec since the voucher is deleted. However, luckily, I have this information in our personal records:

Date: 2020/10/09
Entry No.: 6754
Name: Voucher 1188 For Vendor Minnesota Health Solutions, PO , Invoice 2437
Entry Date: 2020/11/06
Object Type: Voucher
Notes: R&D Services - Project NEO (CTIP Grant)
Dr. Acct Name: Vendor Payable
Dr. Acct No.: 20005100
Dr. Acct Amount: $15000.00
Cr. Acct Name: Accounts Payable
Cr. Acct No.: 20000020
Cr. Acct Amount: ($15000.00)

Are there any further details I can provide you at this time for a prompt resolution?

@Cetec, Please provide addition details at your earliest convenience.

Stephanie, I am looking into this and will hopefully get answer to you by end of day today.

thank you!

Stephanie…do I undertand that the voucher indicated (Voucher 1188 For Vendor MHS, PO , Invoice 2437) was outstanding for payment at 12/31/20? Has a payment been received for that Voucher in 2021? If so, is that payment now “unlinked” from the now deleted Voucher, and exists as an unapplied payment? Just want to be sure to address any related issues…

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There is no payment associated with the voucher.

thank you…very helpful



All you will need do is have an Admin level user again create the voucher with a 2020 date with the info you provided in previous thread…then run a P&L or Balance Sheet which will now have a Retained Earnings Alert at the top of the report… then click/follow that link to the Retained Earnings entry that will auto-create…scroll down to view the entry and save/submit. You can reply to this thread if you encounter any problems with this or you don’t find you achieve the result you were looking for.

Thank you!

@sescobedo Regarding the closed period safeguards you mention, the voucher deletion you asked about would have had to have been an Admin level user change in order to delete an entry in a closed period, and the user would have received a warning that the requested change was going to affect a closed period. It would be advisable to make certain that all users, but particularly Admin level users, know that the “closed period” warning should never be ignored/overriden. If a change to a closed period is required, contact us here again about an alternate solution prior to overriding the closed period warning. Also, after a period (year) is closed, many times there are Tax related entries that must be made (by an Admin level user) in the following year that the software must allow, in case you are wondering why any changes to a closed period are allowed at all.

I am not an Admin-level user and I am the one who deleted the voucher. Additionally, I do not recall a “closed period” warning only the flag confirming, “are you sure you want to delete this voucher? Yes/No.”

Are you are confirming we need to re-opening the closed fiscal year and re-entering voucher to resolve this error?

Yes, the options are either, 1) an Admin user simply enters the voucher with original date, runs a Bal Sheet or P&L, then follows the Retained Earnings alert to post auto-generated entry to Retained Earnings, or
2) an Admin user re-opens the fiscal year, allowing either a non-Admin or Admin level user to make the entry (might still get the Retained Earnings alert on Bal Sheet or P&L and need to post auto-generated entry to Retained Earnings…), Admin then sets G/L lock on fiscal year end date again right away.
Likely the warning you received prior to deleting the voucher included wording such as “this change will affect a closed period…are you sure you want to delete this voucher”. At least that is what you should have seen if the G/L date lock is set correctly…you all will need to double check this because if the G/L date lock is set correctly, you should not have been able to delete that voucher as a non-Admin level user…the date lock would have prevented you from doing so.
Let me know here if you have further issues on this or if anything else comes up.
Thank you!

@sescobedo I thought it would be a good idea to follow up on the G/L lock date issue with your company data. I found out a couple of things…

  1. the next level of protection for G/L lock date for closed period is to go to Config Settings: G/L Lock Date and change the “G/L Lock date blocks Admin also” setting to ‘1’…this keeps anyone at all from making a change that affects a closed date, unless the Admin role user temporarily unlocks the date.
  2. As we discussed before, as an Accounting or Accounting Admin user, you should have seen a warning and the G/L lock date should have prevented you from deleting a voucher since you indicate you are not ADMIN role user. This was pointing up a conflict to me, and so I have asked engineers to look at possibility of a bug and a fix for this so that you all have appropriate security for closed periods. Once they get a fix settled, then we recommend following instructions in 1) above to further secure your closed accounting date. We will get back to you asap when the bug fix has been successfully applied to your environment.

Thank you for pointing this out and for your patience!