MRP - 500 Internal Server Error

We are getting an issue when running the MRP. I’m not sure what is happening, one user is getting the internal server error,

500 - Internal Server Error

Something unexpected happened and we can’t complete your request.

Please report the problem to with lots of details and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

The Cetec ERP Team

But other users aren’t having a problem. I’m not sure what might be happening, I would expect if one user is getting the 500 error, all users would. If I click on that link it just takes me to the MRP, but it isn’t working for her. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

@jthomas How is that user getting to the MRP screen? Are they clicking through purchasing > MRP, or do they just have a link that was sent to them that they’re clicking?

If it’s the 1st option, are they able to get to either of the three different MRP reports (Buy, Build, or All), or none?

If the second option, it could be that user doesn’t have the proper roles assigned to view MRP. If they don’t see MRP under the purchasing heading, or don’t have purchasing at all, then they won’t be able to see it.

She is clicking through purchasing>MRP, and she is not able to load any of the MRP reports. She also has the purchasing role assigned and has been actively using the MRP for the last several months. This just started happening yesterday afternoon and we’re not sure what changed. She’s rebooted her computer, logged out and back in, the basic things we could think of.

@jthomas Can you share which user it is? We’d like to have our engineers take a look and see what might be happening here.

The user is philborn.


Thanks, we’ll take a look at what’s happening here and update you as soon as we have some more information.

This should be resolved for them now.
It appears that the column they were ordering by was not registering as an existing column. Please let us know if the issue comes up again.