MRP Aging buy signal

I am trying to test out the forecasting feature in my Beta site but ran into an issue I can’t figure out. I cloned an existing part “ASY000001” to a “ASY000001-999” and added a forecast of 100 pieces in august 2024, but the aging buy signal says it was from 2-20-2023 when I just added it today, 9-4-2023. does the MRP build just tell me that I need to open a production order for QTY 150 and not when to schedule the order?


To answer your question at the end there, MRP is in fact designed to tell you when you need the part, not just that you need it. With that said, I’m not sure why ASY000001-999’s aging buy signal date (2-20-2023) would be a date before you even created the part or the forecast for it!

Let me see what I can find out.

Cetec ERP Support


I took some time and chatted about this with one of our engineers. He was also not sure why the aging buy signal for your new, cloned part would be showing a date before that part was even created. Since we don’t have access to your database without asking for permission, we weren’t able to look into this in more detail, other than the screenshot you sent over.

If you’d like us to investigate further, let me know and I can contact Regis to request temporary access.

Cetec ERP Support

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Yes please, I will let him know.

Access to the server was granted, please let me know when you can help me assess the issue