MRP -> Filter By Order #

We are getting a request from our purchasing and production that requires the MRP to actually filter down the “Sum Req’d Qty” to the “Order #” instead of showing us the quantity we need to complete that work order.

For example, in our current MRP, I select “SLC-Main” in Location, “Supply/Demand” in Source Type and “2683.1” in the Order #.

  • It currently shows every part in that “Order #” that currently has demand regardless if that “Order #” demands it or not. The waterfall for part 70-11565 shows that 2683.1 doesn’t require any further orders to complete that work order number but it’s showing a demand for 19EA from other work orders.

  • Instead, we need this report to just show what is actually required for the “Order #” we filtered by – in this case 2683.1. In this example, 70-11565 shouldn’t show up on this filtered view because no additional material from that part number is needed to complete the “Order #”

Because our systems are large and are built over a few months, the overlapping orders require we be able to filter down on work orders to a very specific set of what is still needed to complete a system.

I understand why we would want to see the report as it is laid out now in the future, but we also need finer detail than that. Is there a way we could add a checkbox to the search options that restricts results ONLY to the searched Work Order?

@ckrugman Hey Chris!

I can definitely see your point about needing to be able to see shortages for only the single order.
One report that may be useful here is the Allocation List under Parts>Reports. There you can filter by order and only show late lines.
Not sure that get’s you exactly what you’re looking for. If not, let us know and we can continue to look in to what we might have available for you.

We’ve taken a look at the report you referenced and it just doesn’t give us enough “up to date” information on the orders we need to prioritize. What options do we have to narrow down the MRP as we described?

@ckrugman Could you elaborate on what you mean by the allocation list not being up to date? It should be pulling from the same allocation data that MRP uses, so it would be odd for there to be a discrepancy in what those two reports show.

In the meantime, we have passed your suggestion about adding some additional filtering to the MRP Report to our development team. It’s been adding to the least of things for future consideration. The did, however, remind us that we do have another report in the system already that may be useful to you here.

The order material report (found by adding “/otd/allocation/late” to your url or by going to production > orders > order material report) may be more what you’re looking for with the ability to filter by order and only the components that are short. It also uses the same allocation data as MRP, so it should also be equally up to date.

Hopefully that helps your purchasing team find the information they’re looking for.