MRP only refreshes once a day now at 7:00am

The MRP used to refresh a tleast twice a day. 7am and 11am. This stop with the last release last week. Only refreshes at 7:00am currently. Can you please get this to refresh twice a day again?

Hi @ElectricalAccess, I don’t think that anything should have changed with the MRP and allocation refresh schedules, but we’ll look in to this and confirm that for you.

@ElectricalAccess Looks like currently allocation should be refreshing 2x daily for you, aroun 6am CST and 3pm CST.

Our engineers did say that it should have been also happening around 11am as you mentioned, and we think that it should be back to doing so tomorrow. If it doesn’t, let us know!

i see that it refreshed at 11 today. Thank you for fixing.

Now there is another issue. When we click purchasing->MRP->buy and then it refreshes, we get both buy and builds in the refresh. It is not filter the buys from the builds. We have refreshed multiple times with only clicking buy and get the same result.

If I’m understanding correctly, you’re clicking Purchasing > MRP > MRP -Buy.
Then, on the MRP page, you’re clicking the refresh button at the top, correct?

If so, then I think the behavior you’re seeing is what we’d expect. When you click either “MRP-Buy” or “MRP-Build” what’s actually happening is you’re getting directed to the “MRP-All” screen with filters set to determine what results get displayed. Regardless of which link you use to get to the page, buy or build, when you click the refresh button it’s refreshing all the MRP data and clearing out the filtering.

Now, after you click refresh you should be able to click buy or build again to re-populate the filters, and then click submit (instead of refresh) to generate the report for whichever is selected.

Hope that helps clear things up a bit for you!


For a while the MRP started refreshing twice a day again after you did whatever you did. Now it is only refreshing once.

Allocation runs on a predetermined schedule per server (we group customers together on different servers based on varying criteria). The schedule times to refresh allocation for your server are at 6,11,15,21. However, if it’s still running (hasn’t completed yet) when the new scheduled time comes around, we skip & move on to the next time.

Our best guess that the 11:00 updates stopped because there have been larger allocation datasets to run through recently. This may fluctuate at different times based on overall server activity.

It sounds like you would prefer that allocation be refreshed in your environment more often. There is a config setting, “Skip Allocation refresh on Assisted Purchasing”, that will make it so that every time you click refresh on the MRP screen it also refreshes allocation. This does make the refresh take longer overall, but it is the best way to ensure that you’re seeing the most up to date allocation data every time you look at MRP.

no, we are really not wanting more refreshes. we just need the 2 main ones to work. 6am and 11am. Don’t care about the rest. the 11am is the one we use to place all the days orders with and that is the one not working.

What do i put on the setting in the config setting? currently it is set one 1

Fair, I probably should have said “…more often, or at specific times.”

For the config setting, you’ll want to change that to 0. In this case 1=True=Skip, 0=False=Don’t skip.