Multi-line add to Sales Orders / Rework Orders

During the RMA process, we have to provide the Government with line item details on what components were used during the repair and line item pricing. In order to add lines to rework orders, it is a tedious one-part-at-a-time add to the rework order before then going to check all the codes and pricing are correct.

It would be helpful to have the ability to do a “Batch-Component Add” to a sales order like is available when editing a BOM so customer service reps can efficiently add parts and quantities to rework order quotations.

@Greg That’s certainly worth consideration, and we can pass it along to our development team.

I’m curious, do you have to do similar reporting on the initial build/sale of the assemblies? What do you use on the non-RMA orders to provide those details?

The existing traceability (work order and serial number) within Cetec could satisfy requirements for those customers with lot traceability dictated by industries: medical, defense, and certain commercial contracts.

We do not, at this time, have to list all components of a end-item system we sell

Thanks @Greg, as we said, we will pass along the suggestion for future consideration.