Multiple Inside Sales for Commission Purposes


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Curious if there is anyway to have multiple inside sales and/or Outside Sales added to an order. We have multiple steps in our process that requires giving commissions and was hoping we could have two inside/outside sales names on a quote/order/invoice.

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That is currently not supported. You can have one inside sales and one outside sales person selected.

If you would like me to inquire with our devel team if this is a feature we could support, and get an estimate for you, let me know!


Cetec ERP Support

Yes. That would be nice. Thank you.

I have sent that request in and will let you know when I have an update!



I was directed to two other options in the system. First, we have the choice to add in other customer association types located in admin, maintenance, data maintenance, and customer association. You could add more associations to add more sales names on your quotes/orders/invoices.

Cetec also has a commission feature in it How To Set Up Sales Commissions

Just like customer associations, you can add to commission types in the data maintenance tables.

Let me know if you have further questions!


Cetec ERP Support

Thank you that works!!!

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