Multiple quote lines notice

I’m getting an order notices that warns “Multiple quote lines with the same part and revision found. Consider making separate orders for each line!” I only have 1 quote line on this order, and it doesn’t allow me to build the lower level items “with top”. This is the quote I’m working on,

It seems to have started this morning, it’s doing it for every quote I’ve tried, and I can’t find what I would have done to cause that. I’m just wondering what might have happened. And what, if anything, I need to do to fix it.

We were able to chase this down! It looks like that Quote Line was set to an odd Trans Code (“Build”, “Stock”, or “Charge”). We sent to the Quote Line and set it to “Build” again and it seemed to have fixed the issue. We aren’t sure exactly how it got into that state, but that seems to have fixed it!

Cetec ERP

This is happening on every internal production order I’ve created today. Each line item is initially set to “build.” It has worked to go in and “change” it to build, but is that something we’ll have to do with each line item when it’s in the quote stage now? We can do that, I’m just wondering if there’s away to avoid it.



Per the “part” page (ie. …/part/311/edit_profile, there is a field called “Default Transcode” near the top of the screen. I believe that when you set this transcode value to “stock”, every time you create a quote/work order, it will populate that line item as a “Stock” order…

They’re already all set to a default transcode, so it was set to build for an internal production order. So I had to go in and set it to “build” when it was already set to “build.” Just kind of an odd occurrence that I hadn’t seen before today.