NCR Workflow Assignments - Unselect a Role

So apparently recently all of our NCR workflow assignments were changed. I’m trying to reset them and once a role has been selected it won’t let me unselect it and there is not none or blank option. Please advise.

@robinl Can you provide an ID/example of one of the NCRs that’s having this issue? The few we’ve looked at don’t seem to have anything out of the ordinary happening with their workflows, so we just want to make sure we can tell what the issue you’re seeing is.


It’s actually in the workflow setup /workflow/NCR/edit. I’ve updated all of the workflows back to where they should be but if you look at STATE: CLOSED it shows the role WorkInstructionsUnlockedOnly is selected and I can’t unselect it.

@robinl I think I see what you mean. You should be able to hold down control+click on WorkInstructionsUnlockedOnly, and that should un-select it.

Let us know if that doesn’t work, or if for some reason that role looks like it’s re-selected after you click update.