Neg Qty?

Just noticed one of my quantities is a negative number.
Also, when i tried to pick:

I need to close this out, so i dont know if giving the URL will help or not:


Thanks for reaching out about this. I am going to send this over to engineering as you should never be able to have a negative bin qty. You also have two bins on that part record that are named the same just one is capitalized and the other isn’t. That shouldn’t be allowed either so we will probably need to rename on of them to fix the issue most likely. I’ll get back to you ASAP with an update.


Cetec ERP Support

thanks for the feedback.
We have been fighting the duplicate name issue for a while too. I dont know the entirety of the issue there, but the system will Assign a New Bin and sometimes name it the next sequential iteration but in CAPS instead of going to the next available iteration (so it will make “BIN-2” when there is already a “bin-2” instead of making it BIN-3). I had a previous post about that somewhere.


Does this bin physically exist with quantity? We can either adjust the quantity to where it needs to be or remove it entirely. The inventory activity seems to suggest that these may also have been the same bin so only one existing is correct. Please let me know which is correct here and we can get that updated.