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I was checking that there is a new feature in the vendors table named Quality approval. kindly inform us how this feature works so we can implement this in our working.
vendor approval

Rana Muneeb


If you go into admin, data maintenance, there is a spot called vendorqualityapprovaltypes, you can add types of quality checks you want run on your vendors here, then add it to specific vendors, you can place it as pending, approved, etc, and set an expiration date. It is a feature for companies that require vendors to complete certain quality checks. After you have the quality approvals in place for vendors, then you can run that quality approval report, and edit them as needed straight off that vendors page.

Let me know if any of this is confusing, thanks!

Cetec ERP Support

Intrigued. maybe you can describe a couple examples of how this could be used? Thanks!

Good morning,

I just finished writing a blog about this feature, I will post a link to it once it is published to our site. A quick overview, this feature was made for customers with a need to maintain a list of which vendors they use that have been certified by an external auditor, know which certificates they hold & when those are set to expire and want to make sure they’re ordering components only from qualified vendors. It is very useful for customers who follow AS9100 or ISO 9001 standards.


Cetec ERP Support