No Access to Accounting - Cost Center report

Our user #51 has both accounting, accounting admin and can view all reports , but is having issues accessing the “Accounting” —> “Cost Center” report…(…/accounting/cost_centers_new?)

It give him the error :

Screenshot 2023-11-01 100013

What needs to happen for him to have access to run this report?


We are checking in to this for you and will reply back asap.

CETEC ERP Customer Support

@regisphilbin - this looks like a bug; theoretically accounting roles should have access to that report.

We’ll fix the bug ASAP and get it deployed to your resident instance with the next release.

In the meantime, in a pinch you could try the ‘Admin’ (i.e. superuser) role. That should grant access to every single report/function in the system. Then, you could pare down that Admin role by applying an additional ‘Admin plus Block’ custom role with deny settings set on whichever report/functions you don’t want them to have. I.e. Admin minus x settings.

Thank you!


Letting you know that a fix for this issue will be in production next week.

CETEC ERP Customer Support