Non-inventory Expenses

How do I enter non-inventory related expenses (utilities, etc.) where the amount changes each month. These expenses may be paid through auto-pay (from our checking account or credit card) Some of them are paid by check.

Hi @gah62,
What we’d recommend is creating vouchers for those expenses. You’ll need to set up each payee, like the utility company, as a vendor. Additionally, if you don’t already have them, you may want to create expense accounts that are for these types of recurring expenses.
Create the voucher and fill in the relevant vendor invoice information, and make sure the GL Split is directed at the appropriate expense account.
Then, whenever it’s time to pay them (or you know that they’ll be auto-drafted) you can pay that voucher the same as you would any other by processing the AP payment, and setting the payment type for the payment to the appropriate method like ACH, system check, etc.