Not able to Edit BOM

We are not able to edit BOM or see the BOM Overview on the following parts:
PMS094, PMS095, PMS200, PMS206, PMS219 and PMS250.

When trying to open the edit BOM screen, we receive the “500 - internal server error”

@jake Looks like the issue is there’s a recursive part in the BOM components list for each of those (looks like they may all be the same components list), PMS095 is a component of itself, and so everywhere else it’s a component is going to throw that error.

We’ll have to have our engineers go in and correct that for you so that those will load. Usually it’s pretty quick, and we can update you when it’s done.

Awesome. Thanks for the quick reply.

Engineering was able to get that fixed for you, and you should be able to edit those BOMs now.

We added ‘-bad’ as a suffix to the offending part, which can be corrected here:
[your cetec url]/otd/revision/4163/edit_bom

Let us know if you need anything else!