Not moving to correct location

Set workorder location in the Pick Parts screen is not going to the correct place. Please look at order# 17037.1-1.
When setting workorder location to Production, after clicking Update, it automatically moves to Shipping. When setting to shipping, it goes to Finished Goods. When setting to Finished Goods, it goes to Final Inspection.
This has just started happening.
When you go to the Workorder view and change it, it shows in the correct place.


Hey Jennifer!

Thanks for reaching out to Cetec support via our forum! Unfortunately I wasn’t able to locate order 17037.1-1 in your environment when trying to search for it. Could you provide me a link to the specific order you’re having issues with so I can try to replicate this issue?

Typically speaking the Set Workorder Location feature that you provided in your screen shot is Cetec ‘advising’ you where this workorder should be set to based on how you’ve set up your labor plan for that order. It sounds like the system is moving that order based on how it’s labor plan has been constructed… but if you’re trying to break that systemic flow and go from production to finished goods (as an example) it should allow that.

If you could reply with a link to that specific workorder I’ll get started testing this issue out and begin coordinating with our team internally as required!

Cetec ERP Support

Hi. A workorder is not created. It is Order # 17037.1 Line 1

Are you able to correct this issue?

Hello, This is the order. Please help. Most of our orders are now not going to the location requested in the Pick parts screen.

Hey Jennifer,

I apologize for the delayed response here - I’m currently pulling a backup so I can test what’s causing this issue for you. I should have an update on that here shortly… as far as the work location not sticking to where you’re directing it, is this happening only when you try to transition the workorder to a new location via the pick parts screen?

Have you tried moving that workorder to a new work location via the main workorder page for the individual lines on the order? As I’m waiting for this backup to finish pulling the more detail the better on where you’re experiencing this issue. If it’s the pick parts screen only I’ll start to test that as soon as this pull is completed and get an update to you as soon as possible.


Hey Jennifer,

I’ve gone through Order 17037.1 Line 1 and tried to move the workorder to a new location via the pick parts screen like you explained above. It wouldn’t transition over to ‘Packing’ which is the work location I was trying to move this order to and checked to see if that was part of the labor plan for that specific prcpart.

I noticed looking at the labor plan there are only 4 steps built out on there, and the final being ‘Finished Goods’ which is where the pickparts screen is stopping at when I try to move that to packing. It’s stopping there because technically there isn’t a ‘Packing’ step designated on the labor plan for that prcpart.

I was able to move the workorder location via the main workorder page. Below is a screen shot of the movement history for that workorder.

Those 4 stages listed above are detailed in the labor plan for this specific part, which the system is using to help ‘guide’ the user to the next stage based on the Labor Plan and how y’all have designed it. I’ve listed out a way to assign the workorder to the specific work location you’re wanting it to be in if it’s not designated in the labor plan below:

The main workorder page shows you the Order Work Location and the workorders Current Location as shown in the picture above. In order to move that WO to a location that isn’t specified in the labor plan click the blue hyperlinked See All option and select the location you want the workorder to show up in.

That’s how I was able to move the work order to a different location. The labor plan and the stages assigned to it are what dictates to Cetec what the next stage ‘should’ be once you pick parts. If you want a packing or shipping stage available on the pick parts screen you just need to add it as a stage in your labor plan for that prcpart.

The work around for this until the labor plan is updated is to use the blue hyperlinked See All option on the main workorder page to move that order to a location that isn’t specified on the labor plan.

Let me know if this works for you and is what you were looking for!

Cetec ERP Support