Notes all on one page for Leads

Good afternoon,

When we are reviewing Leads as a team the notes are on multiple pages which makes it difficult for us to review during our meetings. Is there anyway to have all the Lead notes show up on one page vs multiple pages?

Thank you,


Hey Kris,

A few questions here that I want to send your way:

  • Are you referring to the Notes page within the specific lead object?
  • Is this also a concern on the Leads List Report when you’re meeting with the team?
  • Is your painpoint here related to the “Customer Notes” subsection of the lead object that’s being separated into multiple pages?

If it’s related to the Notes page within the lead object, could you provide a URL link to an example so I can look into that page to see what can be done there for you? If you can provide an example (URL) where the notes page is extending multiple pages for your leads that’d be greatly appreciated!

Cetec ERP Support

I am referring to the Notes page on the spcific lead.[]&__pageIndex__=0&__pageSize__=25

If you see this there are multiple pages of notes regarding this project. We would like a way to see all the notes on one page so we don’t have to click the multiple pages. Some of these notes take up 4 pages or more which makes it