Obsolete documents showing as alive but outdated

We were reviewing documents uploaded to a part and noticed that for this part in particular (20210312-114) that the old verison of the setup sheet showed as not alive in the high level view but when we clicked to see the revisions, we noticed that there were two uploads and the oldest one showed as alive but “(outdated)”, can you please review and see what the issue is?


Hey Jordan,

Thanks for reaching out to Cetec support via the community forum! I’ve looked at the link you provided to the documents tab of that specific prcpart and believe I know what’s causing the issue here.

I clicked into the hyperlinks under the ‘Alive’ column for both of those uploaded docs and I notice a difference between the two that’s causing one to state Yes and the other No.

  1. Click into the hyperlink for the uploaded document showing yes(outdated) and that should take you to this page here /document/6051/view notice there isn’t a ‘Valid’ date range set here, both fields are blank, so that file still shows as ‘Yes’ under the alive column.
  2. On the uploaded document showing 'No(outdated) /document/6055/view there is a To Date set in the ‘Valid’ date range field. Today’s date has already passed the ‘To Date’ in that field which is showing why it’s currently not Alive.
  3. If you’re wanting to have the original file that was old/outdated not show on the documents tab of that prcpart you can go into the document view screen for that uploaded doc & set the old uploaded doc status from ‘Approved’ to ‘Pending’ which will hide it if that is what you’re wanting.

In order to have the file state that it is currently not ‘outdated’ on that page you’ll need to go into the document view screen for the document you want to change that for. Set the ‘Valid’ To Date field to a date in the future of your choosing and click ‘Update’. Refresh your documents page and that document will now no longer be outdated.

Let me know if you have any other questions about this.
Cetec ERP Support

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