Old AP Payment Back in Current Aging

This 2021 AP payment from before my time popped up again in our AP List as due.


I assume it was because I cleared old $0 AP payments as we discussed here. I think the prior person was trying to account for a downpayment for this 2021 purchase. Can you please assist me with the best way to clear this so that it doesn’t affect accounting? Thank you!!

I see the following vouchers that are in our AP Aging but need to be cleared from prior years, as well:


But I am most concerned about the one that is above because the dollar amount is substantial.

By the way, the past person did a P&L and Balance spreadsheet outside of Cetec - so I do not need past fiscal years to be the same - however, I would like the GL to stay the same for the first one - since it recorded the purchase of a piece of equipment.

Checking back…

Hi @sbeausoleil

I will escalate this issue to accounting for you.

  • Cetec ERP Support


This has been escalated and is in our accounting team’s queue.

  • Cetec ERP Support