On time ship report, bug?

In the screen shot below, from the new version of On time ship, it shows this line is late. The i info says that field is calculated by the entry date compared to the ship date. The line shows the invoice date was before the ship date, which should probably make it on time? Can you help me understand why this says its late?

Was that order scheduled? I ask because the system considers scheduled orders that ship early as not being “on time”.
We actually have a hovertip about this on the “Ignore Scheduled/Unscheduled” checkbox of the old version.

Looks like maybe that didn’t make it over to the new version. We will pass that along to get corrected.

Let us know if you need anything else here!

Thank you for the clarification. It is a scheduled order. I have noticed a large number of issues with the new versions of many windows/reports. I intend to catalogue them and submit them here but it’s a bit overwhelming.

We appreciate you reporting those things so we can continue improving the product. Glad that cleared this up for you.
Have a great day!