Ontime Shipment Report

Good day - Our On-time Shipment Report(Cetec ERP)
On the executive dashboard and via Sales-Invoices-Lines search shows our on-time stats are below 50% roughly.

  1. Are early shipments affecting this? As we are rarely late for customer orders.
  2. Is there a upgrade in the future that would show us the % percentage of on-time shipments along with the bar graph? These are all helpful for quality meetings and ISO.

Any advice on this on-time discrepancy? We have an ISO audit on the 21st - this will be strike.


Thanks for reaching out.

  1. It looks like what’s affecting the on-time stats is the scheduled/unscheduled order type on the orders. With “scheduled” orders, the order needs to ship on the date that it’s scheduled for (not before that date) to be counted as on time. Set “unscheduled” as the order type if you’re going to ship that order early.

  2. A quick way to see the percentage of on-time shipments along with the bar graph is to go to the home page widget called “Ontime Shipment Report.” Instead of clicking into the report, stay on the widget.

On the key to the right of the bar graph, click on “Invoices” and “Ontime Invoices.” They will be struck through and will disappear from the bar graph, leaving only “Percent On Time” to show on the bar graph.

Hope that gets you where you need to go!

Cetec ERP Support

Thank you for pointing me towards the % bar - that helps.
However What is the point of having the “ship ahead days” under the customer information profile if it does not help with that on-time statistic? Asking sales/processing to switch an order from “scheduled” to “unscheduled” in order to ship is time consuming and this feature should fix this.

I tried your method - flipped all of today’s shipments to “unscheduled” and invoiced, then set compare dates on the on time widget. Showing 12/5-12-5 - we show only 62.50 - this should be 100% according to what I believe you are suggesting.

Is there a way to change the default to unscheduled? I’ve looked through config - not seeing