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Our Production Manager had some issues with their dashboard screen so I ended up re-creating their account. The screen would say “Error: Getting work location failed” after trying to bring in the “Order Movement” or “Open Order by Location” screens. Now that I re-created their account, the dashboard loads but there is No Data Available for “Open Order by Location”. However I can see it from my superadmin view and the other management users can see it as well. What permissions do I need to look into to identify the issue? I tried even promoting their role to allow access to everything but they are still having this issue.

What can I do here?


Good Afternoon Tej,

Hmm this seems odd… I’m going to start looking into this for you to see what’s happening with that users profile. Could you send over the user’s ID number so I can impersonate and see what data I’m able to view on the Open Order by Location widget?

Once I get the user ID number, I’ll go in and start testing via impersonation to see if I can pinpoint what’s causing this for that specific user. Could I also get the user ID number of another management user so I can also impersonate & compare between the two?

Thanks Tej!
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Good morning,

The user’s ID number is 26.

You can use my user ID number 3 or try to add the same widgets to user ID 2. I know it works for user ID 3 (my user) and user ID 2 is our top level management account.

I presume it is due to some orphaned data related to that management user (potentially some operations where the user was listed as supervisor?)


Thank you for that user ID number! I’ll get started looking into this and get back to you with an update on what I can find.

I’ll also impersonate both user ID 3 and user ID 2 to compare between the widget information that’s available to you, but is lacking for user ID 26.

Thanks Tej!
Cetec ERP Support

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