Open Payment for Account Reconcile Still Shows Open

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There are three invoices that have been reconciled on previous audits but still show up as open charges. Can you please help me discover why this is occurring so they do not continue to show up?

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Hello Kris,

I can take a look at these payments to see what is causing them to get hung up.
Can you tell me what the account reconcile # is in which specific cash account?

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CETEC Support

Account Reconcile is on the 118000 US BANK account.

Reconcile 47 for Crispin
Reconcile 48 for Orbe Valve $16k
Reconcile 56 for the $13k

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Thank you…I will follow up on this information and get back to you as soon as possible.

CETEC Customer Support

When you say “There are three invoices that have been reconciled on previous audits”, do you mean that “there are three checks/AP Pmts that were checked as reconciled on a previous account reconcile report”? I think that is the case, and I do see:
Check #823 status ‘paid’ on 7/26/22, for AP Pmt 807 is cleared on acct reconcile 56
Check #888 status ‘pmt closed’ on 11/30/21, for AP Pmt 626 is cleared on acct reconcile 48
Check #649 status ‘open’ on 11/16/21, for AP Pmt 643 is cleared on acct reconcile 47

All three now appear as un-reconciled on acct reconcile 58.

I’m checking into the ledger history on those AP Pmts to see if there is a make payment/cancel payment history that is causing the problem.


I was able to talk with engineering this morning and we are going to set up a case for this to address that there are duplicate AP pmts 626, 643 & 807 that are likely the result of repeated ‘make payment’/‘cancel payment’ actions (the ledgers for two of those payments are very busy) that have left canceled payments hung up and showing up on your account reconcile as unreconciled. Hopefully engineers will be able to get this fixed for you as soon as possible.
CETEC ERP Customer Support

Thank you. Im sure my interpretation of the correct operational procedures was in error. Looking forward to the fix.

You’re not alone in experiencing some occasional issues with make payment/cancel payment creating some sort of quirky ledger issue…you likely were handling it correctly and just encountered a glitch. Hopefully engineers will have a fix for you soon!

CETEC ERP Customer Support


We have addressed those duplicates that were causing you to see splits on closed reconciles for you. Please let us know if you see anything else like this pop up!


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