Order Acknowledgement document change

I want to add new text to our standard Order Acknowledgment PDF Custom Document.

How do I do this?


Hey Pat!

Since your order acknowledgement PDF document is already customized we’d have to loop in engineering here to update that customized document for you.

If you could respond to this message directly with the updated text you’re wanting (mark it up on your order acknowledgement PDF) I’ll generate a ticket for you internally to get that taken care of!

Once completed, I’ll communicate with you on this forum post indicating that’s been uploaded to your environment. You’d then go through an order acknowledgement PDF and let me know if you need any edits/changes.

Cetec ERP Support

Can I get a quote for adding 2 -3 sentences on warranties to the form?


Could you provide a markup of where you’re wanting to add those 2-3 sentences on warranties? Depending on where you’re wanting to add those sentences there might be a config setting to help with this particular request.

I won’t truly know until I get a visual representation on where you’re wanting those additions to be placed. Once I get that markup I’ll know for sure, and I’ll request an estimate if engineering is required!

Cetec ERP Support

I would like to add as a warranty note at the bottom of our order acknowledgement and quotes the following verbiage.

Warranty: one-year warranty due to defective in assembly. Components will be evaluated case by case based on cause of failure.

Thank you,


Hey Pat,

I believe you might be able to do this without engineering updating your custom document. If you’re wanting to add something quick and easy like that to your quotes/order acknowledgement forms you can add that via your config settings.

Head to your config settings page and input Terms into the name field. Click submit and you should get a list of terms that you can update. Add your warranty message to the bottom of each of these terms fields and click set:

  1. Quote_terms
  2. Order_terms

You already have messages in your Quote_terms field, but adding that to the bottom of the field and clicking set will implement that warranty message for your quotes. If you were to add that to your Order_terms config setting it will populate that warranty message below the Shipping Comments on your Order Acknowledgement PDF.

Let me know if this works for you.
Cetec ERP Support