Order Acknowledgement Form - taxes

Since v4 rolled out our Tax figure is now left-aligned whereas Freight and Total are right-aligned on the order view screen - for example https://drallimindustriesltd.cetecerp.com/order/MN5853.1/view

Also if I convert to PDF it only shows the Freight tax, not the tax on the goods - however the total displayed is correct - see attached for example

This is the default order acknowledgement form


@msummers Hi Martin,
Thanks for bringing the Tax line to our attention. We’ll investigate that and see if we can get it sorted out.

As far as the line tax not showing on the PDF, double check the columns you have set on the PDF screen, Tax should be one of the options and it seems to be working when we checked your environment:
Screen Shot 2021-12-12 at 9.19.03 PM

I’ve checked the columns showing but this is on the order totals not the line amound - it seems to be specific to that order - I’ve checked others and tax total is calculated correctly, but on the order linked above it only shows the tax pertaining to Freight and isn’t adding the tax on the goods, even though Total amount is calculated correctly and including all taxes.

See upload below - Tax is missing the 20% of the value of the goods, but the total includes it


If you set the ship qty on that order the tax should calculate to the full tax amount. We have a fix in process that will fix the total not being reduced but the idea here is that you can send a pdf with the amount total based on the ship qty but in this instance the total includes the full tax amount.