Order and OrderLine Statuses

What are ALL the different Statuses for (Sales) Orders and (Sales) Order Lines?

If I’m correct, this is an incomplete list of statuses for Orders:
0 = New
3 = Started/Packing Slip Out
4 = Pending Invoice
6 = Shipped

The different statuses I can see in our database for Order Lines are:
1 = ???
2 = ???
5 = ???
16 = ???

but I don’t know the meaning :face_with_diagonal_mouth:


Those statuses for orders are just a background feature and aren’t customizable. Those are just to show what step in the process the order is in but it is an old feature that isn’t used much anymore. I’m not exactly sure which statuses for order lines you are looking at. Where is that shown? Is there something specific you are trying to accomplish with those statuses?

You are also standard support so you can email support@cetecerp.com for any questions as well.


Cetec ERP Support


Thanks for your response.

Those statuses are very important for us. I understand that they are not customizable.

We are creating custom reports and want to know the status of orders and order lines. Open, Closed, Canceled, Shipped, Paid, etc.

I’ll contact CETEC support.