Order can't reschedule locations

We have an order,454.1-121, that made it through a few locations in the labor plan but needs reworked so there is an attempt to “run it back through” but now the locations are off the schedule and can’t seem to be rescheduled. The Heat Treat and Surface Grind Centers do not show up when rescheduled. Is this a bug? Or simply because these scheduled locations were completed?


Thank you for providing the example. I reviewed the order and can see the work locations on the temp labor plan, but not on the schedule. I’m attempting to replicate in another environment, but haven’t been able to so far.

Were the Heat Treat and Surface Grind Centers on the temp labor plan when the order was originally scheduled, and if so were the entries manually deleted or did they fall off when rescheduling forwards/backwards?

Cetec ERP Team

The labor plan is part specific. yes, Heat treat and Surface Grind Centers were part of the labor plan when scheduled. I believe the schedule complete buttons were pressed which I suspect has locked them out from rescheduling.

Thank you @Eduff ,

I don’t believe the issue is with the entries already being completed as I don’t see a completed entry for them on the schedule. I’m looking into the issue further with my engineering team to see why they aren’t populating again when scheduling.

Cetec ERP Team