Order Dashboards Widgets - Production User


Still learning how to set proper User Access Controls for our different users. I am currently in process of setting up a Shipping user, which looks set up correctly so far, but I wanted to give the user access to some Home Screen Dashboard widgets like the Open Order by Location widget. What steps do I need to take to enable access to specific widgets like this? Per other user forum posts I saw that I can enable the Manager role to allow many widgets but I do not want to give the shipping user full Manager access. How can I achieve specific customizations like this via User Access Control?

I created a Shipping role and am allowing/denying specific accesses accordingly but I still want to allow certain widgets. Please inform, thanks

Hey @tej

This article should be of help in answering your question concerning User Access Control customizations regarding Home Screen Dashboard Widgets! The last three paragraphs of the article should be particularly helpful: