Order level ship via

Prior to the last update, when we go to invoice an order, the Ship Via keeps changing to what appears to be defaulting from what is setup on the customer master. Is there a way to change the settings to keep the ship via set to what it is from the order?



@spilkington can you elaborate on what you mean there?

The order in your example shows the ship to as being the same as the customer’s default ship-to address. …/customer/481/view
As does the quote for that order. …/quote/16556/view

Are you saying that you want to set a temporary ship-to to a different address? Or that it was supposed to be something different and appears to have changed?

Can you walk us through the steps you used to enter the address, and at what point it was changed from and/or to what you expected and what it showing now?

It is not a temp ship to. It was supposed to be something different. As another example, please refer to the following…


The PDF under documents “Order-12700.1” shows that the shipping method was entered on 2/9 when the confirmation was sent. Now the shipping method says N/A.

Do you have any other more recent examples? Like orders created within the last 3 months?

Looking at the usage logs for “order/AL16556.1/update” shows that there was an update to the first example you provided where there was no ship via set at the time of that update. In fact, if you search all the usage logs for that same minute or so, there’s a series of entries where you load the view page, edit page, post some sort of update from the edit page, get the carrier account number, and then finally the entry at 2022-09-16 10:32:47 AM shows the ship via is blank.

What isn’t clear currently is exactly what is happening in the moments leading up to the ship via being blank, or if it was even filled in prior to that series of events above.

Unfortunately there’s nothing in the usage logs that’s helpful for your second example.

Is there any other detail about it that you can provide, or things you can think of that might help us narrow down the issue. We need to better understand exactly what is happening, then we can test and troubleshoot further.