Order Movement - utilize same work list for partial ship


Take for example order 4411 from our Cetec instance - the order was for 250 quantity and there was a 50 pc partial ship out of the 250. Now 200 qty remains - we always print out the work list for our production users to be able to scan into the work order and begin their task; however the work list printed is for 4411.1-1 and we were not aware that there would be a partial ship. Now the 200 remaining qty is 4411.1-2 and the work list “traveler” is no longer scannable and would have to reprint to be able to utilize the scan function.

What is the work around for this in any situation where there is a partial ship but want to maintain the usability of the scannable work list?



You must reprint that work list for the ‘new’ order for it to be scannable. The other option is to have workers manually click in the system.

Sorry for any frustration.


Cetec ERP Support

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