Order Side Bar Custom Doc

Are there any plans in place to make the side bar menu with tabs an editable custom tt document?

As example for orders 4549.1 and 4550.1 (Sales Order and Work Orders associated with each other), the sidebar on order 4549.1 says “Has work order MN4550.1” and 4550.1 says “Work Order for MN4549.1”. Rather I’d want to customize it to say Work Order 4550.1 and Sales Order 4549.1 instead.

Please let me know if this can be made an editable custom doc and I could see if I could do it myself.


There are no plans to make the wording of those links editable. They are system generated, and not linked to a specific template file the same way custom documents are. With only a very few exceptions, the only files that are customizable are the PDFs generated by a given object. The actual pages of the system aren’t customizable in that same way.

Understood, thanks, the reason I ask is because I see within many tt code files a mention of the side bar nav with menu tt file. So that is why I assumed it would be possible to edit this. I have experience with Template Toolkit at this point so that would be great if that were to be possible.

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