Orders Pending Part feature / MRP Customer Supplied Parts

I was looking to find the module that shows all Orders Pending Parts.

As per the Cetec ERP Support FAQ, there is the section “How does Order Pending Part work?”

As per that FAQ, it says the following:

I navigated to PARTS View > Lists and chose a part, and I do not see “Orders Pending Part” on the left-side menu for any part that is on MRP. How can I utilize this function?

Additionally, is there a way to sort MRP by Customer Supplied Parts (so that all Customer Supplied Parts either show first or last on MRP screen)?

Our issue is that we have not found a way to see all open orders that are waiting on parts. If there is this feature I would like to know how to access this or utilize Reports to access this. Please let me know thank you.


Have you looked at our order material report?

This is found by going to Production, Orders, Order Material Report.

Here is a support video on this report: How To Look Up Material Shortages (Order Material Report)

There is not currently a way to sort MRP by customer supplied parts.


Cetec ERP Support

Yes, I have been utilizing the Order Material / Material Shortages Report but wanted to understand this “Orders Pending Part” instruction in the FAQ. Does this feature exist?


It has been renamed to ‘orders with need’. It is found on the part record on the left side menu under ‘activity’.

Sorry for the confusion. I will get the support documentation updated.


Cetec ERP Support

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