Orders with Need (Purchase Qty Verification)

How can I verify that the overall demand of any given part has been sufficiently ordered? Suppose I have 10 orders requiring a given part, each order requiring 10x quantity (so 100 qty required overall). Our Purchasing team orders 90 (as when they had refreshed MRP, only 9 of 10 orders were in). I know that our inventory team can go to the individual part level page and check ‘Orders with Need’ of that given part, but is there a module that shows the overall required quantity against how many were ordered? Essentially, how can we see an overall ‘Short Part’ list? By this I do not mean looking at MRP, because this is something our Inventory team would want to know and they do not handle purchasing (so they do not have access to the MRP module).


Hey Tej,

You may try our Order Material Report, this is found under production, orders, order material report.

Let me know what you think.


Cetec ERP Support

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