When I uncheck the Lock Schedule and click submit it refresh and and comes back with it check again
is there a setting we can have that will have the lock not checked in the config settings?


Let me dig through our config settings and see if there is something that takes care of what you’re wanting to do. I’ll get back to you here shortly with that update!

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Any update?

any update on this?


My deepest apologies here regarding this topic it must’ve gotten buried somehow in the forum. I’ve been doing a ton of researching & digging into this particular question you have though and there isn’t a config setting to have the ‘Lock Schedule?’ checkbox default to unchecked… but I do have information for you and your team regarding what’s causing them those lines to be locked.

Looking at the ‘unscheduled lines’ on your production scheduling gantt chart report - I see lines that are locked and some that aren’t… below is a breakdown on what’s causing those lines to be locked & others to stay unlocked:

  1. Lines Being Locked:

    • Setting your Work Start Dates manually (or updating them manually once the order is in place) will lock that order line in place, and will not auto-update moving forward. These lines will stay locked, until they’re manually unlocked for an order - this pertains to all orders/lines that have their Work Start Dates manually set (or manually updated via the edit screen).
  2. Lines Showing As Unlocked:

    • The lines that aren’t locked are set as such because they’ve got a ‘system-assigned’ Work Start Date that hasn’t been manually adjusted. Meaning when that order was created a work start date wasn’t manually input into that field and the system auto-generated that Work Start Date for you. This factor automatically rescheduled the work start date accordingly moving forward.

Potential Solutions For You:

  1. If you want to switch to a system-assigned Work Start Date you’ll need to click the ‘set’ link next to the Work Start Date field, and switch to a system-assigned Work Start Date… click the ‘refactor schedule’ button to propagate the change & auto-assign a new Work Start Date.

  2. One way to quickly unlock all of the lines that are locked on your Production Scheduling Gantt Chart (/productionscheduling/planning_gantt) is to do the following:

    • Go into your production scheduling gantt chart report (listed above) and click ‘Show Unscheduled Lines’ at the top of the report… that’ll pull your locked/unlocked unscheduled lines for you. On each row of data that shows as ‘Locked’ click the OrderNum into a new tab (advised to open 5-10 at a time and work through those).

    • You’ll be redirected to the work order view page… click into the ‘Schedule Tab’ between the Parts & Comments tabs. Here you can ‘Unlock’ the order line (blue button), set your Work Start & Ship Dates, then click the orange ‘Update’ button to push those changes through. This will maintain the ordline unlocked status as long as a manual update/change to the Work Start Date isn’t done by a user.

  • If you don’t need to edit the dates on that scheduling tab, but just want to unlock the orderlines you can click ‘Unlock’ then ‘Update’ to unlock that line from that point forward until a manual edit/change to the Work Start Date occurs. If you do need to make that Work Start Date change it’s advised to do that here so you can unlock the line, change your dates & ‘Update’ those (this keeps that production line unlocked for you this way).

We do have the ability to control who can manually edit a Work Start Date to limit who can change the WSD & lock those production lines. This is done via the Order WIP Modify user role, and only users with ‘Admin’ privileges or the ‘Order WIP Modify’ role can edit (therefore locking) a Work Start date for an order. This would at least limit the ability of your user pool to manually edit the Work Start Date which causing those production lines to lock in your environment.

Hopefully this provides a solid breakdown on why you’re seeing those production lines locking in your environment. I found some documentation on this here in case you need to reference this going forward - Production Scheduling

Again my sincerest apologies for this getting buried in the forum, I hope this provides information on your question & then some. Please let me know if you have any further questions for me as I’ve flagged this topic so any responses are directed straight to me.

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