organizing Cost Center pull-down list

Our Cost Center pull-down list is getting a bit dis-organized. What is the best way/ quickest way to get these such that they are sorted numerically / alphabetically?

If i could sort the pull down list by Name (similar to the Data Maintenance for CostCenter Page…

@regisphilbin We’ll have to talk to the engineering team about it. Currently it’s sorted by cost center ID, but I’m not 100% sure that we have a way to change it that wouldn’t also potentially create additional problems elsewhere.

if we manually re-organized the Cost Centers, would that have any unintended consequences for closed Orders? or open orders?

It would definitely create problems elsewhere. Most places that you see cost centers are referencing the ID on the backend. If you start editing the order of the list to follow the sequence of the IDs, it will throw off anything that’s already using that ID somewhere.

I.E. if Cost Center B (CCB) is currently ID 1 and CCA is currently ID 2, then if you switch those two around to make the ID order match the alphabetical order anything that is currently showing CCB (ID-1) would then show CCA (ID-1).

In general we recommend against trying to reorganize data maintenance table like that, as it can lead to massive problems in other areas.

Our engineering team thinks we should be able to change the sorting on the dropdown to be alphabetical based on the name, so if you can live with it in the short term we should be able to get that taken care of without too much hassle.

On a personal note, Taylor wanted us to ask if we could expect to see you at the user conference in a couple of months?

That sounds great!

I’m working on getting out there. I really like the agenda topics listed. Hopefully i’ll be able to bring a few others with me as well…