Outsource PO Error

Our purchasing person is getting this error when trying to create an outsource PO. This is not something we have seen before. Any suggestions? Thanks!

@abeausoleil Can you confirm whether or not you’re still experiencing this issue in your environment? We believe there was a fix that went out for this issue. Please let us know if you’re still having trouble with it.

It still appears to be giving us the same error.

Is it happening for all users, or is there a specific one? Another user here was having a similar issue, but it was only affecting them and not other users at the company: Outsource PO - #9 by cetecerp13

We’ve tested with a backup of your data in a test environment, and aren’t having the same issue. Can you specify:

  • The user/s who are seeing the error
  • A workorder number that has had this issue (or confirm that it happens no matter which order). Alternately, if you are able to create a test order for us in your environment then we can take a look there.
  • The vendor and part number being used (or confirm that it happens no matter which ones are selected)