Outsource PO

When creating and Outsourced PO, I get this error…

Error: Error placing PO: Can’t call method “ponum” on an undefined value at lib/Cetec/Reboot/Web/Controller/OTD/Order.pm line 8735.”

Hi @jake,

Can you confirm whether or not you’re still having this issue?
Our engineers were recently working on a fix for this issue that should have gotten pushed out at this point. Are you able to create Outsource POs as normal now, or are you still receiving the error?

I am still having the same issue.


We’re having some trouble reproducing this issue using your data in a test environment.

Is there a workorder in your environment we could use to test there?
And can you confirm the vendor and part that you would be adding when creating the outsource PO?


Workorder 7522.1-6
Vendor: Advanced Powder Coating
Part # OUT501-013

I am not able to create any outsourced PO’s, regardless of workorder, Vendor or part #.

@jake We just tested it in your environment using those parameters, and had no issue with it.

See resulting PO# 9578.1, feel free to edit that as needed and send it, or close it.

However, we did impersonate you, and then try again, and that gave us the error. So likely this has something to do with the roles you have assigned. We’re going to investigate that a little further, and we’ll get back to you about it ASAP.

Thanks. I should have Admin access. I did change some role access to do with Invoices… Not sure if that has something to do with the issue.

Our engineers took a look at this, and there’s a fix going out for it in the next few days. In the meantime, since it seems like the issue is only affecting you, you can try having another user create an outsource PO for you if you need another one. Alternately, since it seems like the issue is directly related to your roles, you may consider removing the non-admin roles from your profile. Admin will give you access to everything in the system without need for the other assigned roles, and until that fix is pushed out one of your other roles seems to be creating a conflict when creating the outsource PO.