Packing List

Inconsistent location of the “Ship to” block on the packslip has caused misdirected customer shipments

When generating a Packing list from the Sales Order, the ‘Ship to’ is on the right side of the packing list.

When generating a Packing list from the Invoice, the ‘Ship to’ block swaps positions with the the ‘Bill to’ block and is now on the left side of the packing list.

Please make the ‘Ship to’ block in a consistent location regardless of from which work-stage it is generated. Invoice generated and Sales Order generated packing lists should have the ‘Ship to’ block in the same location.

@Greg Are you using a custom doc for either the order packing slip, or the invoice packing slip reprint?

They are two separate template files, so it could be that one has been updated/customized and the other hasn’t, and that may be the reason you’re seeing a difference in the layout/formatting of the two different packing slips.

@cetecerp13 AFAIK, the only Custom Document we have is for quotes. Everything else is “Default”

Thanks for bringing this to our attention! Our engineering team has created a fix so that the invoice packing slip reprint has the same arrangement of addresses as the order packing slip. That should be out to you in the next week or so.

Have a great day!