Packing Slip Customization Issue


Our shipping person requested we add a column for backorder quantity to our packing slip. I saw that there was an option for this, but when I added it, it seemed to mess up the alignment of the columns. I’ll attach a couple of screenshots for reference. Curious if this is a bug or if there is anything we can do differently to avoid this. Thanks!

Screenshot 1: Our current columns configuration

Screenshot 2: Adding “backorder quantity” column.

just a data point, but mine is showing correctly. I matched my display options with yours to see if it mattered.

  1. i’m currently on CETEC ERP version 3.10.2
  2. Also, we’re using the “default” document format, Do you know if your document has been “customized”? (…/customdocument/list)

Turns out we did have the packing slip document customized. I looked at the changes we had made and we decided to just revert to the default packing slip document. Thanks for your help!