Packing slip

How do I get a packing slip without a work order ?
I would like to create a packing slip for a couple parts without using work order.

Good morning,

There’s not a way to create a packing slip without some kind of order, but if this is not something that requires work to be completed/time to be logged, you could create a stock order, where you’re picking and shipping from existing stock.

Here’s more information on this: How To Enter a Stock Order

Does that seem like it would meet your needs here?

Cetec ERP Support

A follow up to this: To create the packing slip, you’d need to “pick” the lines on that stock order if you want to send them to the customer. If not you just need to make sure to go to the invoice/ship screen and set the ship quantity, and then update the invoice/ship screen, and that will activate the packing slip link on the left side of the screen.

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