Paid Invoice Visible on Statement, Fractional Balance

This invoice is hanging in our system from before my time. The total is $2018.5750, the payment is $2,018.5700, the balance is showing as $0.0000 - but I assume it is hanging because of the $0.0050. Could you please advise the best way to clear this? Thank you!


I am going to escalate this to our accounting team for you.

  • Cetec ERP Support

Hi Sherri,

I was able to get the invoice to close in a test environment. I went to Admin>Config Settings>Config Settings, search check_currency_precision and change the value from “2” to “3”

Then, go to the invoice and apply .0050 as the payment and this should clear the invoice.

Would you mind giving this a try and letting me know if it works for you? If it does work, make sure to reset the value back to “2” in the config setting.

  • Cetec ERP Support

Unfortunately we were not able to get this to clear the invoice. I undid the GL lock, changed the currency, used the discount column in the payment. It looked like it worked, but the invoice remained in the list. Is there another way the payment should be applied?