Paid Vouchers showing on Voucher List

We have 3 paid Estes vouchers that keep showing up on the open voucher list. Could you tell me why they aren’t clearing off the list?[]&display_currency=USD&__sortBy__=[]&__pageIndex__=0&__pageSize__=10&__reload__=1


Good Afternoon,

I’ll check into this and see why these aren’t clearing off your open voucher list even though they’ve been paid. I’ll get back to you with an update as soon as I can figure out what’s happening here.

Cetec ERP Support

Any update on this?

Hey Kali,

It looks like for some reason the 3way match process wasn’t matched/approved properly - Cetec ERP

That particular lack of a 3way match (shown under the ‘Auto Approve Notes’ section of your voucher header) would keep that kept open although it’s been fully paid.

For those 3 vouchers that are stuck in the open state… the best route forward here for those is to manually close them. I’ve linked documentation that we have available to walk you through that here - Cloud Accounting Cases: Paid Vouchers in AP Summary

We’ve seen this populate a few times in the last couple weeks and are testing to get this corrected. As far as the move forward here, it’s to close those manually and let us know if you notice any more vouchers that are showing in the ‘open’ state even though they’ve been fully paid so we can continue testing.

Cetec ERP Support

Could you tell me where on the voucher either of those options are located?

Am I supposed to reopen the voucher to do so?

I still have not been able to remove these from the voucher list.

Hey Kali,

I’ve checked into this for you and found a way to have those vouchers ‘paid/closed’ so they’re removed from your voucher list.

Due to this auto-note that’s appearing on the bottom of the edit voucher page for voucher# 9762 - /voucher/9762/edit_voucher you’ll need to use the ‘reopen voucher’ button at the bottom of that page. That’ll reopen the voucher, and then you can go back down to the bottom section of your voucher & select the ‘Close Voucher’ option to remove that from your voucher list.

Once the voucher has been reopened it’ll show additional options at the button of the edit voucher page for you to select. One of those is the blue ‘Close Voucher’ button used to close this voucher out & remove it for you. Just a quick recap Kali:

  1. Reopen the voucher so you can go ahead and close the voucher.
  2. Once reopened, scroll down to the bottom of the edit voucher page & select the ‘Close Voucher’ option.
  3. Once the voucher has been closed run the Voucher List Report to double check that was removed.

Cetec ERP Support

In order to reopen the voucher I have to reopen the payment and in order to do that I have to reopen the reconcile. It is from last year I don’t want to mess with that while our taxes are being worked on. Any other suggestions?