Parent Roles

Hello- I am trying to ‘reset’ our parent role functions in Cetec (i.e. set Production, Quality, Engineer etc titles to have functions that Cetec assigns). Is there a way to ‘reset’ these all at once? It looks like we can go through the “Security by Role” section and clear all titles in the “Value” column. Is there another way of doing this that would reset the roles all at once? Is there a way to see the Cetec assigned parent function roles without interfering with our system?

Ultimately, we would like to customize the parent role permissions/access to fit our quality system needs. We would like to start by seeing how Cetec assigns permissions/access to the parent roles.

@elizabetha Hi Liz,

Unfortunately we don’t have a way to reset the roles/assignments. We do have a few resources that would be helpful for you as you look in to what roles and permissions will make the most sense for your organization:

User Roles and Restrictions

Suggested User Role Assignments

User Access Control & Customized Roles

Those documents are going to be the best way to get a solid understanding of the roles and their functions.

Let us know if you have any other questions about them!