Part Alternates/Crosses

I have an inventory situation where I have an electronic component with serval equivalent alternates that are specific to a BOM. Meaning, I can use serval different manufacturing part numbers to satisfy the requirement. Traditionally, I would assign an internal part number that I would load into the system which would contain/document the desired requirement and list potential alternates. Production/purchasing could then evaluate stock and supplier availability and purchase their desired part that satisfies those requirements.

What is the best practice to handle this in CETEC? The cross scenarios I would like to review are ones were there are complete interchangeability (distributer part numbers, etc.) and limited interchangeability (application specific alternates, different MFG part numbers with minor variations) are handled by CETEC.

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Hi @paulv, thanks for the question!

We’ve got a lot of useful information on out site about cross parts and part synonyms. I’m going to link a few here, and you can use the search icon at the top right of the cetec homepage to search for more information that might be useful.

Of course, if you have any other questions about it, feel free to ask!

Part synonym groups was the piece that I was missing, thank you!

Can you update on how it’s going. Did “Part synonym groups” accomplish what you want? We are are an ODM, we do not have internal part numbers, we use Mfr Part Numbers (MPN) in the BOM. We procure, then consign all raw materials to our Contract Mfr (CM), to build the Finished Good (FG). Looking at this synonym feature, it appears it is good for visibility, to show users valid MPN crosses for a part. But, it doesnt appear to have logic behind it. Example; If Part1 is Crossed to Part1, and they both have 10pc QOH, yet- the system does not reflect that there are 20 total of this device, that is form-fit-function the same.
Would like to know more about your experiences and processes; ie: Do you use BOMs, Work Orders, Outsource PO’s.
Any info helpful.

Newbie On CETEC.

Hi Doug,

Yes synonyms seemed to do what I was hoping it would do, although my interest was more in the architecture of setting up CETEC then its day-to-day use. At the CETEC ERP Conference in October there was a great session on the MRP purchasing module that incorporates much of the logic that I think you are looking for. A lot of your data entry and demand has to be accurate to use it correctly, but it should consider things like Shelf life, Synonyms, etc. if my notes are accurate.
We are an OEM and use work orders, outsource POs, and BOMS within CETEC to manage our inventory and demand. Hopefully that helps a little, the community is great and I am sure more people can help better than I can.

Thanks Paul !
I am hopeful to join the next conference.
Much success to you in 2022-