Part Error

This part is showing a QR of 2994 but there are no open orders or ROP set.

QR is a cached field on the part record, meaning that likely there was some change in inventory for that warehouse today that hasn’t yet been accounted for in QR, but should overnight when the process that updates those values is run.

A couple of things you can do to confirm that:

  • Check the inventory activity report, Cetec ERP , and see if there’s any inventory change that has taken place today that may not be calculated in QR yet
  • At the bottom of the part page, you should see a Recache button. Clicking that will for the cached values for this part to be updated, and will confirm whether or not this is a cache/timing situation.

Please let us know if the QR doesn’t change after the part has been recached, either overnight or by doing so manually.