Part Ext Cost is incorrect

I have a part MU 0033 which was bought in under a Purchase Order 13.1 at a value of £481 and stored in BIN Test 1. More product has been ordered at a lower price of £94.89. but the price of the part MU 0033 still shows average cost of £481 I have altered all the costs, revalued the BIN and set standard costs and last resort costs, which all show the lower cost.

Has anyone seen this behaviour, or what am I doing wrong?

Hi @Denis,

The Avg Cost of that part looks to be correct currently ( ((2116.95)+(3394.89))/35 = 96.15 ).
Difficult to say what might have been going on before, but let us know if you run in to that again and we’ll take a look.


Thanks for that, it was the other cost of £481 that was confusing me, but I noticed that a PO had not been closed off which was pulling in that cost. Changed the date and all is good now.


Glad you figured that one out! Definitely reach out if you have any other issues with it.